Multi-Generational Planning

We are here to help you answer your most critical financial questions…

Is our lifestyle secure for the future?
What is a sustainable spending rate given our assets?
Are there strategies I should be considering to transfer wealth more effectively and tax efficiently?
Are we making the best choices in funding our grandchildren’s college education?
What would a market downturn mean for our cash flow?
Have our assets been properly titled according to our estate plans?
Do I have the capacity to gift more?

Services we offer

Partnering with the family patriarch and second-generation parents to plan annual family meetings that promote family bonds and teach specific skills to the grandchildren including family history, goal-setting and delayed gratification, personal finance and beneficiary responsibilities.

Serving as a third-party answering questions from children or grandchildren and providing family members with a resource for the kids’ financial education beyond their parent or sibling.

Proper legacy planning is one key element of any successful retirement plan, helping ensure that your legacy carries on to assist your loved ones and that your final wishes are respected. We can help you plan your legacy in a variety of ways based on your unique desires and whether it’s most important to you to preserve assets for future use, or transfer your wealth to beneficiaries.

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